Monday, July 6, 2015

Texas takes America seriously!


My favorite Venezuelan ever Jose was baptized yesterday ! A little earlier than we'd thought, but it worked out perfectly. I learned that he has lived in his little apartment on Harrisburg for two years, just a couple blocks away where I lived on Garrow St. for 4 1/2 months, and where I drove past many times each week for 9.  At any time God could have taken us to his door! But he didn't. I believe Jose was meant to be found by a member of the Church; I believe he was meant to come to the YSA branch; I believe he was meant to be baptized yesterday.
photo: Elder Stephensen, Jose, Chris, Myself,
with guest appearance by (mission) President Drake!
Last week before she left for soccer camp, we got to teach Sherlyn's family and eat a bunch of mole (mo-lay)! The first I've had since leaving "Spanish- land." You definitely start to miss hot tortillas. Her mom is super nice, wants to learn more about religion, and her heart has been opened by Sherlyn's desire to be baptized. It was a big blessing to unexpectedly use my Spanish again to be able to talk to her. We actually don't have one YSA investigator whose parents don't speak Spanish. We'll have the Spanish missionaries over there to teach them in no time. 

We had a big spur-of-the-moment YSA party at the Rascon's home on the 4th of July. We had quite a few non-members come. But once again, it was only two of the members that brought all of them! Just one more person actively trying to share the Gospel does make a HUGE difference.  We drove our little white car out of the range of fire just in time before it would have been showered with fireworks. It was a great day. Texas takes America seriously.

The last two weeks I've had the opportunity to go to sacrament meeting both in the family ward and the branch. Taking the sacrament is something that keeps taking on new meaning for me. Have you been watching the Bible videos from the Church? They're incredible. Just in the last week I feel like I've come to better know the Savior through them. He's bold. He's loving, obedient, intelligent, humble, merciful, and incredible. I got to see Jose make a covenant with God, and begin a new life in Christ. He's happier; he's relieved. From all this and more I know that Jesus Christ lives today. He is a real person, with a body, a personality, with His own Church, and a desire to help and teach you and me. 

love y'all!

Elder Decker


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