Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A happier, better person.

So Sherlyn got baptized! Her mom came. Sherlyn and her friends, President Rascon and I were able to help her understand everything in Spanish. The service went bi-lingual almost at the last minute, and it worked out well. I love hearing English and Spanish hymns and himnos at the same time!

Sherlyn's brother and sister came, Tony's sister, which was awesome for them, and plenty of branch support. We learned that Sherlyn's favorite high school teacher for the last two years is a member! She got to come and support her as well. It was an awesome experience, and the branch is set up to grow a lot more with all the missionary excitement and an awesome new member!

Oh yea, and I finally gave the first talk of my mission in Sacramento meeting, all because I volunteered. So I'm still a rookie, but I thought it was a lot of fun. I was asked to talk about temptation and addiction. I wasn't sure how I'd do it, but then realized I'd known lots of great friends who've overcome those things, and their stories more than anything build my faith.

I love missionary work! I love knowing that I'm doing the right thing.

The biggest shock coming out here is that I wouldn't be an object, something to be acted on and commanded. I didn't know beforehand that it would be up to me how I'd use all my time! I just expected to walk in one end of the two- year hallway and out the other side a happier, better person. But God lets us be agents, invited to act. I'm grateful for that gift. I know with all my heart that Jesus Christ is my Savior. That's really the only important thing. I know that He is the Son of God, and I'm grateful be able to invite others to come unto Him!

Love y'all!

Elder Decker

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