Monday, June 15, 2015

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June 1, 2015


So far they haven't asked a dime for our [ipad] "devices." Mine is loaner/used one because I'll be home so soon.  We had a mission conference with Elder Nielson of the 70 and the head of the MTCs worldwide trained us on the safeguards for using them, as well as the potential they have for proselyting. They taught us about agency, accountability, and the blessings for us, our families, and the people we teach when we are diligent in making right decisions. "Moral diligence" and "moral agency" are hefty topics. The next day president Drake met us here at the chapel to set us up with the things.

Studying is efficient, the pamphlet are phenomenal, we have to carry very little with us now, we watch videos with everyone we meet, imagine being able to pill out Elder Holland's testimony with people on the street!. My study journal is on the cloud. It is in large a huge boost to our potential and ability to do the work. It also would allow us to spend our whole mission not actually being on a mission. I have access to every Ensign back to 1971. But this is all pretty old to you guys, you've had this forever. My companion and I only use them together, and yes there's an audit we for each other's devices.

We didn't see any flooding here, although we got plenty of warnings.

We talked about it a lot without all the people. It was a good opportunity to do the good ol' Mathew 5, Helaman 5, 3 Nephi 18 chain.

Last Saturday two elders got hit by a drunk driver when they were parked in the median waiting to turn. They were out late. They called us and we arrived to help them fill out the paper work. Nobody was hurt. We saw it as a good lesson learned. The tow truck driver's mom was a member, so the bishop had called us even before we got there.

That was miracle 1. He was really helpful. One elder was in shock and the police officer called an EMS. Again, everybody is dandy. The EMS was a member, he had us give the elder a blessing, and everything worked out fine. It was a lot more profound, moving, scary and harmless then in sounds. They had to spend a few hours in the hospital, and now they don't have a car to use.

I really learned a lot yesterday in church. Because I came ready to learn, I was fasting and praying, we got there early, and I really wanted to learn. I know God really does answer prayers. We saw that so many times this week. It was usually after, like when we realized that Evelyn's boyfriends dad Mike was the smoker who wanted to quit we'd prayed for 2 hours after he told us he wanted to come to church. We were walking away from our appointment with Sister Herrington, the new bishops wife, and he yelled at us "so your supervisor came with you today?..." After we chatted for a second, we left. But something told us to go back and we did. When we prayed to find a mom who'd want to be baptized, was unsatisfied with her church and wanted to baptize her kids, we found 2: Karen and Natalie. Pray, listen, obey.

Well I hope this satisfies for the next month...

Only joking.

I love y'all

Elder Decker
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