Monday, June 22, 2015

More details to come.


It was a not-so tropical storm that had Houston in a panic last week.

"Bill" was meant to land at 9pm Mon, then 1am Tue, then 12 pm Tue, and then we just stopped caring. President Rascon from the mission presidency had invited us to his home for p-day. This Emmy- winning ABC news anchor, journalist has a BIG house. That night President had us make sure we had water and gas. We tried two Walmarts and a Krogers and these experienced Texans had already taken all the cases of water.

We got gallons of orange drank and apple juice.  We filled up the bathtub, kept an eye on the canal outside, and got pretty excited. The next day, an anticipated zone conference with Elder Foster of the seventy canceled, we were instructed to stay in until it was "safe."

All we saw was a sprinkle, but we stayed in. We snuck over to the apartment office and did family history while workers pulled lawn furniture and umbrellas inside, expecting crazy winds. I found and added two people to our tree! Then I realized they were still alive and left off for a reason...

A Father's Day thought: what kind of child would I like to have?

Humble, courageous, happy, etc.

What keeps me from being that sort of child for my Father in Heaven? I know God really is my Father. I really know He has been patient with me. He knows us all, and has given us so much!

We had a big miracle. John said it was the lights in their eyes that made him accept the hermana's invitation to hear the Gospel. They sent us to teach him, and from the moment met him he's been so humble and kind. He gave us some chili dogs. He lives in what's pretty much a halfway house. He cooks and runs the place with his friend Ephraim.

When we went to teach them last week with Brother Cox, I really felt the Spirit as they both testified of the Savior. Ephraim is a big man with a lot of faith, and isn't afraid to show it. He says he "rebukes" bad thoughts, pains, illnesses and Spirits. He has been searching for a strictly Bible church that doesn't "water it down." He's got a really clear idea of what he wants in a church, and hasn't been able to find it. I think God knows exactly what church He wants him to go to! They both came to church yesterday! We learned no obscure Bible passages, but we heard humble, sincere, true testimonies about fathers and sons, the blessings of obedience, and felt the Spirit's approval.

It was awesome. Ephraim had Brother Cox take a detour so he could visit the son he hasn't talked to in a long time. He and John are ready to come again next week.

But I won't be there. I'm on my way to my seventh and final area right now. More details to come.

I love y'all

Elder Decker

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