Monday, June 15, 2015

Life will be easier.

June 15, 2015

The B-day was fun. I went on exchanges with Elder Wright from LA and saw a lot of miracles. Little Sister Bartlett, the missionary's gramma of the ward, insisted that she did a lap around the apartment complex with us before we left, telling everyone the Gospel had been restored!

Later a woman told us she knew we were sent by God, because she'd been fighting her husband and posting nasty things on Facebook about him when we knocked on her door. The Gospel does bless families! Paul let us right in. He's searching for the right thing for him and his family. He has a lot of Mormon co-workers, he doesn't think God would just leave his children alone. It was awesome to be able to testify to him about the reality of prophets and the Book of Mormon. Elder Wright served with me back in Broadway. He's seen the Gospel change him completely, both before the mission and during it. He's a powerful teacher. He also played trumpet in the BYU marching band with Trevor in '12.

Everybody is missioning! The Lord is hastening is work!

We had an awesome Stake Conference yesterday with Elder Foster of the Seventy. He taught us about the power of stories: "When you tell someone what to do, you tell them to be like you." When you tell them a story, you let them figure it out for themselves. Teach like Christ did. Teach in parables. I remembered the stories you'd tell me about granny, about your high school experience, about anything and everything. They really helped. I remembered all the stories you share with me in your emails, and wonder what advice and counsel you're really trying give through them:)

Hearing about the missionary thrown 20 ft from her car makes me wear my seat belt. Every time! Remembering Peter walking on water makes me look to Christ. Remembering the feeling when we found Rose on the side of the street ready to be baptized makes me want to talk to more people. Reading about the apostate Zoramites makes me want to pray meaningfully. I know if we put in the effort to record and remember the things that the Lord does for us, and the lessons we learn, He won't have to remind us! Life will be easier for Him and for us.

I'm in the process now of remembering and collecting stories from my life and general conference stories to illustrate points for the PMG lessons, and well as the Christ like attributes.

Elder Decker

Today President Rascon from the mission presidency invited us to his home for p-day. It's a pretty incredible place.

Our window was broke!


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