Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Miracles continue!

May 18, 2015
Elder Bond arrived in Channelview this week. He's a convert of 2 years from Brigham city. He's 22 years old. We got right to work, praying specifically for a man 30-40 yrs old who wanted more direction in his life and would be willing to read. We found three. The miracles continued when we found another man, recieved 5 referrals and more especially when we met D. yesterday. 
Elder Bond, Elder Decker and the Jenks.

We were looking for somebody sick of their current lifestyle. In our minds eye we saw somebody puking on their lastest party ready to finally make a change. We knocked on his door right be fore he took another puff of meth. "You guys know Elder _______?" he asked. "I know all about y'all... Bible and stuff... Who sent you?" "Your Father did." said Elder Bond, "Your Father in Heaven." We explained to him exactly what we'd done to get there, prayed to find our repentant new friend, asked our ward mission leader where to find a good apartment complex, went to Cloverleaf, put in "apartments" in the GPS, pulled off Uvalde Str, prayed again, knocked a whole building, one row of doors and arrived at D's. He was already planning on turning himself in this week to a rehab center. We will see him again today. He said that we finding him was just another sign, and "astounding." I know that God answers prays, and that He puts us where He needs us to be. 

Today we're moving from Bro Jenks' house into a new apartment on the Beltway. It should be fun. 

love y'all! It was awesome to talk last Sunday. Enjoy the mountains!

 Elder Decker

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