Thursday, March 19, 2015


March 16, 2015


Gorojos: little tiny beetles that eat wheat and banana leaves. You aren't allowed to kill or sell them. They will heal AIDS and Cancer if you eat them live. That is what we learned when we asked a member about the bowls full of a shiny black, glistening mass we found in their armchair. You decide for yourself.

(Keep in mind that they live and breed in their own poo. (all of which you don't clean off when you drink them in your morning juice))

We saw a great miracle miracle! Our investigator has listened to the missionaries and known about the church for over 40 years. The first missionaries that taught him probably now have grandchildren on missions. He will be baptized on the 29th. It's a good story. Really all it comes down to is prayer and reading the scriptures. E Johnson and I taught him a couple times about a month ago, we lost contact and were about to give up on him, but then we called and when we came over he asked: "Can I be baptized?" 

I know that even if we don't understand perfectly how things are going to work out, that if we will even in the small, and simple things look for God's approval and His Spirit, things will work out well for us. We will be able to say that we did everything in our power to follow Him.

I love you all! have a great week

Elder Decker

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