Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Choose to see the evidences

March 23, 2015


Zone Conference was a lot of fun, it was a relief to get our part done, and enjoy the rest. We did a segment on making specific lesson plans based on "The District" (I love using those videos) We saw a lot of progress in the zone. I really felt the Spirit. One of my favorite habits I've picked up is taking notes wherever I go, I know it really give God the chance to teach me. I learned a lot about the power of faith, and the potential we have to change wards, other people, and the world.

Zone Conference
The greatest member of the entire church: Hna Mercedes, has bronchitis, please pray for her. She's the single mom of an autistic child, convert of about 5 years who teaches Gospel principles, used to to do our laundry,visit teaches the whole ward, fellowships every investigator, is starting a new business, tries to get to the temple twice the week, and makes really good flautas. She's looked out for me since I got to Lockwood in Dec of 2013.

Our investigator couple who got baptized in Jan, are doing really awesome. I finally taught him that the BoM in his phone and the one on paper are the same, just that he can't go looking for page numbers in the app. She is making about a thousand aprons for trek, and she fixed one of my shirts. I told her, you and her would be really good friends. Her other son is going back and forth between church and his old life, most lately because he got embarrassed when he couldn't make it to church to clean it for his calling when his car broke down, for the 800th time. It's his Birthday today!

 Our baptism this Sunday should be epic! We're having fun inviting members of the ward to do as much as possible for him, we invite them to teach him with us, we invite them to call him and follow up with commitments, we invite them to feed him when they feed us, pretty much every opportunity we can get. I used to like to jump into the ward and give blessings, do home teaching, and do a lot of stuff for the ward, now I see a need and invite a member to fill it. That way they make relationships with each other and investigators, become more converted as they sacrifice, their testimony grows, and I have more time to talk to hundreds of people on the street.

I had the chance to go on an exchange with an Elder whose mom just got Leukemia. He is upset by the news about his mom, but determined to keep going. He admits he wasn't very "spiritual" before the mission, but now has grown a love for the Gospel. He has a great strength with people and wants to follow the spirit. I was impressed by the experiences God puts in our lives for us, and know that the Atonement can carry both him and his family. 

Our new investigators loved Stake conference yesterday, and so did I! Elder Richards was there, the whole thing was centered on the family and the Book of Mormon. She took two pages of notes. She wrote us something which I'll never forget. "In the movie we watched (finding faith in Christ) the woman said that faith isn't faith until it has been tested. Do you think that's true?" Our investigator has a love for the Lord, and loves His word, but has a lot of faith to be tried before she'll be able to be baptized. I know she can do it. I know we can all do it, a lot of the time all we need to do is choose to see the evidences all around us of God's promises to us.

love Elder Decker

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