Monday, December 22, 2014

Only good things can happen!


I sure did get your packages! Our neighbors/ investigators sort of ignored our text inviting them to church, and instead asked us right when la reunion sacramental started "You want us to pick up this package for us?" later that day, we got them to bring it to us while we were at a baptism, where they asked us if they had to be perfect after betting baptized, and if they could buy the paintings we have on the walls. They also got to meet about a dozen members and eat pan dulce!

We feel the Lord is really blessing us. It is an exciting time for us, because the people we are teaching are so excited about what they are learning. My faith is growing a lot that their are prepared people out there. I now don't feel nervous about leaving behind unprepared people to find the great ones. Our miracle man introduced us to his mom (who accepted the invitation to be baptized this week) and his brother. The three of them were at church yesterday!

Nothing happens in missionary work until we find someone to teach. finding is the key, and it won't happen unless you talk to people. We found an awesome lady this morning on our way back to the apartment from sending a fax, you just have to open your mouth! I'm nervous about this week, I know the work is going to slow down SO much, but there will also be great opportunities to serve and find and use members.

I had a powerful experience planning for, meditating over, studying for, and finally teaching a family. I was directed to simply read 3 Nephi 18 with them, asking questions and applying we went. Unintentionally (at least by me), everyone read the verse they most needed. It applied so directly to them and their worries about their family, following Christ, the temptations of the Devil and the need to pray. I felt the Spirit strongly and could share personal experience. It was the first lesson I've ever had our Bishop with us. I know God is so willing to give us great experiences like that all the time, we just don't let Him. 

Well Merry Christmas! Wednesday and Thursday have been declared "service days," and our schedule is really up in the air. Don't stress it Mom, only good things can happen! 

love y'all very much!

Elder Decker

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