Monday, November 3, 2014

Family History is the answer


My companion and I are on a family history high. That's what we talk about with everyone, I'm sharing the "My Family" book that you helped me make (and that you are in...) with everybody! It's a lot of fun. I haven't found anyone to take to the temple, which is the challenge I've taken, but I've fixed a couple errors in our egregiously large tree. . .

Our ward, Galena Park, needs a whole lot of love. Every week 70 different members take turns coming. We were sad to talk to one hermano, who we thought was strong, who told us that "church is just a building," and that he'd leave the next time he was offended again. One thing we're doing now is contacting every "active" member who misses church every Sunday they miss. It's not about badgering, it's accountability and love. I had a great chat last night with hno Vargas last night about family history yesterday after he had to work on Sunday. He seems excited to do his own and we'll be with him at the family history center (which we are really blessed to have in our own chapel!) tomorrow. I think Family History is the answer. Who can't do it without naturally doing everything possible to get to the temple? Who can do temple work and deny the restoration? Who can serve and love the dead without serving and loving the living? The prophets and apostles have pointed us in this direction for a reason, so that's what we hope to do for these people.

On Saturday we found Jesus, a "lost sheep," and his wife Elena. We showed them "Mi Familia" and talked about family history, and they asked about a thousand questions about: if we ride bikes at night, why aren't we paid, when we talk to the family and a lot of stuff we get from people who actually care about us. We had the opportunity to share with them why we do missionary work AND why we do family history: So that everyone can have an eternal family made possible by Jesus Christ and His restored Gospel. It's pretty cool. I know it is real. And they gave us a big bag of Texas pecans. 

Halloween was pretty fun, the hermanas helped a lot with district mtg, we got some time to do family history, hna Concepcion fed us, we got to ride down Mendez street and take a video of the enormous dog, then we were in by 7.  

The new shed impresses. But if you lived in Houston you'd build an apartment building back there. 

Elder Decker

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