Monday, October 27, 2014

There's no reason to get discouraged.


 Things have been challenging but fun. It is a blast starting all over again. Even though it can sometimes feel like we're going nowhere, there's no reason to get discouraged- happiness is too valuable to trade for anything else. 

 I got to interview and see Miguel get baptized. He's a simple, humble guy from Honduras that just wants to do the right thing. I know he has a testimony because he did it without his friend, who wasn't ready to get baptized.  

Me and my trainer in Denver Harbor
My trainer came back from the grave and scared me to death on Thursday. We were rushing home to grab the car and go to the family history center when a phantom missionary stepped around the corner. He had just gotten off the plane and grabbed tacos with his parents and he found us. It was super great to see him, but weird as well. He was able to come to Miguel's baptism and see his convert Rosario. 

Me and the venus fly traps
 Interview training with the AP's, zone mtg, and district mtg all kind of kept my attention this week. Taking away all fear of baptism by laying out specific expectations and a calender for our investigators, getting to know every single member, their professions, hometown's and past callings, and figuring out how to help people receive revelation through the Book of Mormon is just some of the stuff we're trying to do. 

 I know that God lives and that He has a plan for us. I know His way is the better way, and that it only takes our deciding before He starts blessing us.

Elder Decker

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