Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Let's get out and serve!


Monday we had a beach party with the zone. I forgot there was an ocean somewhere around here. It was pretty fun and relaxing. My Hawaiian companion, Mamea, was a little disgusted by the nearby oil rigs and filthy water, but it was better than nothing!

Tuesday we found father/daughter Argelio and Patricia. They lost the mom six years ago to cancer. Hno could testify of the value of the Gospel of his life and how we was able to overcome having his dad die of cancer as well. They are great people. Later we went to a classic Texas football game for our investigator Benjamin in the rain. Only in Texas do you have to pay to see 8th grade!!! The game reminded me of my football days, especially when the other team scored 14 points in the first 5 minutes. Benjamin is blessed, much like I have been, to have his entire family there at every game cheering him on. We had to leave early to get to another appointment and bikes hard in the rain for 50 minutes across the freeway and our entire area. It was fun.

Wednesday we found all sorts of less-active members. The Alvarenga's made tasty food. 

Thursday Javier took us to Walmart for Mamea's back pain pills and we ran into a bunch more less-actives. I guess we should just proselyte there now. 

Friday we found the awesome Macias family. They are the ones that go fish at Texas city and come back with 52 cow fish they fry up in a bowl of oil in front of the apartment and give to strangers. I guess you can eat the eyes if you want. The papa was one of those guys who says he's not interested, then interrupts and asks tough questions from where he's on the couch watching TV. They are a good family, and just about the first thing they told us is that they wanted to go to Church. That's just the way we like it. It is so much fun find an individual or family that seems like they've been in a spiritual vacuum and just let them drink up the Gospel like Moses drinking with the sheep in that dreamworks movie. 

Saturday I was hit right off the bat by Elder Packer's and Elder Robbins' talks. Jesus Christ is the answer. Are we focused on him, or on the world? Before Priesthood session we went with a bunch of members to what they call "Los Chinos"- the Chinese buffet. I love the mixed culture, and watching the hermanos dig into fried rice and even more fried-ier squid. I loved listening to conference in Spanish- real Spanish! I believe Hugo E. Martinez said something like this:

 "Si usted sirve, sirve. Y si no sirve, no sirve"

meaning: "if you serve, you serve (a purpose, you work, function, are useful). If you don't serve, you don't serve (and aren't doing anything!)"

Let's get out and serve!

Yesterday I was touched  to see my Broadway 3 convert Cesar, a new family that moved into  the ward, Valentin who hasn't been to church in 9 months, Benjamin, Tatiana+Jaime, and many more all at the conference. Cristela de los Santos' record was found, so I guess won't have to re-baptize her, but she'll be in the temple soon. We ate good Mexican food between sessions. We found the Conejo family last night and are excited to help this single parent and her children see that that their family does have a Father that loves and watches over them always. 

Elder Decker


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