Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Going out on a limb.


I recently overheard one great Hermano here in the ward counseling another. He said, well in Spanish he said, "I have four words for you; they are the answer to all of your problems. Listen carefully, "EL LIBRO DE MORMÓN."  I have been taking that advice, and that book, very seriously lately and have found some treasures (2 Nephi1:15). I am glad to hear that y'all are too.

We saw a big miracle this week, a member moved to Houston from Wisconsin right out of the blue, a super strong member, and she referred to us her grandson. He is 13 years old, and extraordinarily interested in the Gospel. He is scheduled to be baptized Oct.11. Saturday he went proselyting Elder Mamea and me for 6 hours! He had a fun time riding his bike, sweating bullets, talking to drunk people, and watching me climb a tree and chainsaw off a limb 20ft in the air. My  Paisano had thrown a chain around the branch to hang pinatas and stuff. Six years later the tree had grown and sucked the chain in. We also ate tamales and Pappa's Barbacue. But anyway it was a good day. It is a huge blessing for me to be able to share the Gospel with Benjamin, someone so humble, so motivated, and so great. He says he wants to go on a mission when he's 18, after going to church just once and hearing one lesson. 

I'm glad things aren't so easy- that means I've got the chance to learn something. I know that I have a Heavenly Father that is in control, infinitely patient, and who has a plan for me and for the people I am with. 

Love Elder Decker


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