Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Analysis Paralysis

August 25, 2014


Proverbs 29:18

Where there is no vision, the people perish

Thanks for sending the contacts, and for putting in all that effort with the photos. 

We are really enjoying our time here. Even though we had some some investigators drop us, and a lot of imperfect decisions, we got some work done, we keep learning a lot about goals, about what God wants for us, about not being discouraged, and about being like Jesus Christ. We have had a lot of "analysis paralysis" in the last month, we have great desires to maximize efficiency. We just spent way to much time fretting about the right way to do things. I now know that we don't need to re-make decisions, lessons, or rules every time we have a decision to make. Following the Spirit as best we can, we have to just choose a direction and go with it. We call it the Aragon method because that was Hno Aragon's advice to us.

The Church sure does a good job giving us opportunities to grow. That's because it is Christ's church. He is not just about relieving burdens and healing ailments. He is about strengthening, teaching, challenging, and molding us. Nowhere is that felt more than in the mission field. Service in the developmental center, talks in church, campouts, and many more do the same thing. I love the Church and know how vital it is that we stay firmly rooted in it. I know I've been called to serve in Houston for a reason, to serve with these companions for a reason, and with both President Crawford then Drake for a reason. I see firsthand here how things can be for families. Many people come here alone and some money back to Mexico or El Salvador, splitting up marriages and families for decades. Many bring their whole family with them; kids learn and speak English and the parents don't. It really is difficult for them to stay together. Imagine me being unable to speak your language! That is the reality of a large group of people here. The Gospel is what can bridge the gap. Literally sealing families together with the power of God. Please pray for those we are trying to bring into the Church right now: Tatiana and Jaime, Jackie and Cynthia, Juan Silva, and Geo.  


Elder Decker



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