Monday, July 28, 2014

Never have yet felt a tinge of regret.

Elder Dennis, Rosemary, myself and Elder Moore 

Sunny Houston had a lot going on this week.

Tuesday we traded Elder Dennis in for Elder Poulson. He is brand-new to the mission, having served for 5 months last year in Chicago. He is from Washington State. He already speaks Spanish very well, is eager to learn, and works hard. He has great desires to succeed. He really tries to look beneath the surface, always trying to know what more we can do. He learns quickly, he listens and applies what he learns. There is a lot I can learn from him about organization, about obedience, about sticking to Preach My Gospel, and about sincerely loving God and other people. We've had a fun time. 

Elder Poulson and I at Houston Community College emailing you.
Pioneer Day is good times. For us, it was all about eating Brazilian food with a some members, visiting less active members of the Church and knocking doors. Elder Moore also left for Cuarnavaca, Mexico that day. We're going to miss him. But he promised to baptize a village in honor of me, so it's alright.

Our investigator couple's delivery day got pushed back until next Thursday. It's a lot better this way because the baby will be premature. The sister's are meeting with them now. We stopped by to see the dad one day, and ended up taking him across the street to see the Church. (We got a key!) Apparently after praying about the Book of Mormon he had a vision, I in which he was in a church surrounded by well dressed families. Even little boys with white shirts. He said he was sitting facing the opposite way as everyone else. As soon as someone told him to turn around, he woke up. After hearing that, we took him straight to the church, showing him the chapel and the baptismal font. He said he really felt the Spirit and wanted to come back. I believe that from day one God has been leading him and his family. God prepared him. God brought us to him. God is answering his prayers. God will give him and his family the opportunity to have the restored Gospel in their lives. We are out everyday looking from more families like his. (Except this time their wives better speak Spanish!)

I read President Monson's talk from Conference again this morning.There's nothing more powerful than just love. Nobody will be baptized without feeling it; nobody can even be happy without it! YW Camp will be no fun without it! Like President Monson, I never have yet felt a tinge of regret for being a little too kind!


Elder Decker


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