Monday, June 2, 2014

Time is flying.


Yep Texas really knows how to do Summer. Like a Dutch oven. So much for the car- we just got sliced down to 300 miles a month.

Gardening isn't a big thing in Houston, the three bumper crops are: aloe vera, chili pecin, and beer cans. Though one lady gave us grapefruits. Oranges grow here too.

Last night Elder Dennis had lost his helmet, so we were out and about walking. We set two appointments with brand-new people so it worked out pretty well. We were trying to be careful to make sure we turned in our numbers on time, when suddenly it was 8:50, we were on foot, and our phone died. So we ran a mile to get home on time- developing that classic "might as well have jumped in a pool"  Texas respiration. And we got our numbers in on time, so it was all good.

We broke our no new investigator-streak Tuesday when we found three new investigators. It was a very relieving experience. We had been walking out of an apartment complex where we contacted a referral and contacted another lady (both who have ended up avoiding us) and we just turned around and asked a random lady if she would be willing to hear our message. She said come back tomorrow, and we came with a member the next day. Just that simple. I'm really glad we took the opportunity to try to talk with everyone, and it really paid off. 

 Yesterday we were able to meet with a very faithful Hermana.. She was just able to return from Mexico in January, when everyone had told her it wouldn't be possible legally. She told us she fasted, prayed, and read El Libro for days, until finally God answered her prayer, she got a visa, and returned to her family. She's reactivated herself, and now we hope to get her four daughters to church with her. She loves the Book of Mormon so much she is hand-copying pages of the Book of Mormon to send to her son in prison.

Thanks for making that Family book. I've already shown my 4-generation chart to a couple people and they really like it. Families are really important to people, even though there seems to be few successful ones. I know that a happy family is God's plan for us, the we're His  family, and that through Jesus Christ we really can accomplish that.

It's crazy this transfer is coming to an end. Time is flying.


Elder Decker

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