Sunday, June 29, 2014

God's got it figured out. Even with a bunch of imperfect mortals at work.

June 23, 2014

Thank you for your great example of service. I'm beginning to learn that that is a huge part of God's plan for our happiness: just helping and loving others. Developing a sensitivity to the spirit is something I have been trying to work on. A good start is knowing that The Spirit will always teach us to obey God's laws we've been taught, and also that obedience to God's laws invites the Spirit. I recognize now how much I must have hindered the Spirit by dumb things I did before my mission. God has been really patient with me.

After many months I have finally hit a benchmark I've been working on for some time. I finish Moroni 10 today and now have read the entire Book of Mormon in Spanish out loud. General authorities have promised us a lot of blessings for doing so, and I've definitely seen them. I'll  make sure to do it again during my time here.

This we decided to switch our focus to the members. There are so many of them. We saw some immediate results yesterday when we learned that a particular 9 year old that comes to church every week needs to hear the lessons and be baptized. I feel that as we follow Preach My Gospel and the prophets' counsel to use the members in missionary work we will be blessed. We really need somebody to teach.

In the middle of it all, we saw a great miracle this weekend. Elders Dennis, Moore and I had been having a very classic day, biking back and forth across our area, chasing asleep, drunk, lazy, non-existent, or uninterested Tejanos. As we left one neighborhood, I had the distinct impression to talk to a lady on the side of the street. From the get-go I had no doubt she would be awesome.

Her name is _____. She very kindly gave us water, thanked us for stopping and talking with her, and remarked that she knew God was looking over her because of how many people God had been sending her! She showed us two magazines from other denominations that had been given her in the previous days. She told us about the confusion she's had over so many different churches and beliefs (including her muslim husband) and told us of the hardships she was having, including renovating her house. I reached into my backpack to get a pamphlet and give her a brief outline of the restoration and all I found was a Book of Mormon. I thought: why not. I wrote the names of the English sister missionaries and their phone # in the front and handed it to her. As I gave it to her she was surprised. She told me she had always wanted one! She was really excited and grateful to have it. Elder Moore walked her through  the pictures, giving a  brief explanation of the Book, and challenged her to read it. Lastly, we invited her to church the next day, took down her info to give to the English sisters, and left her. Talking about the contact later, we all thought we had spent too much time with her and tried her patience, but we looked forward to sending the referral to the sisters, whom had given us 7 already that week!

Flash forward to Sunday night, and seeing that we had a missed call from the sisters, I took out my planner as I called them to prepare to tell them about _____. When the sister answered, she was bursting with excitement. "Thank you so much Elders, ______ is awesome!"

We had forgotten to wait at church to see if _______was coming to church, we didn't tell the sisters about her, but God took care of it all. Sister Hunter told us the story. She and her companion came to church and saw a new face, a nice lady saying hi to everyone, but that then sat by herself in sacrament meeting. The sisters sat with the woman, whom they thought was a member, and noticed that she began crying during one talk. As they got up to go to the next class, they introduced themselves to the lady. Of course it was the woman whom we had invited to come only the day before. And _____ recognized the sister missionaries' names instantly; she had read them the inside of the Book of Mormon she was holding in her hands. ______ knows that her Father in Heaven is looking out for her. I know that as well. She loved Church.The sisters taught her yesterday, and she accepted the invitation to be baptized without hesitation.

God's got it figured out. Even with a bunch of imperfect mortals at work.

Elder Decker

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