Wednesday, May 28, 2014

If you don't know anybody, you can't help anybody.


Here in Texas things are rolling along. We are working hard to get a member out with us everyday, something that shouldn't be so hard with such an awesome ward. We just need to be diligent. The other thing is talking with more people. If you don't know anybody, you can't help anybody. That means talking to at least ten strangers a day. I can remember being unable to say hi to my kindergarten classmates. Now we track down people on the streets and invite them to change their entire lives. It's awesome. 

We saw a huge demonstration of faith from a less-active recent convert this week. In order to be able to spend more time with his family, and be able to get to church, he quit his 7-day a week job and is looking for a new one. He showed that he has real desires to follow God and do the right thing, even though now he isn't sure where his next pay-check will come from. It built my faith a lot to finally see someone making sacrifices for God. We hope this will lead to the baptisms of his two kids.
Last week we had our last zone conference with President Crawford. He is a great man with a big heart, we are going to miss him and Sister Crawford a lot. One big thing that we talked about was using Family History as part of our proselyting. To use as a tool in contacting situations, President Crawford has asked that we have our family put together one of these "My Family" booklets containing our family history. It looks like this:

They should be available at the distribution center. Could you get one (Spanish if they have it, if not whatever) and fill it in for me? That would be stellar.

Yesterday we had a big zone p-day barbacue and played football. It was loads of fun, even though it rained the whole time. Last night we had to stay in because we didn't want to get the car flooded. It rains in Texas.
I know that what we live and have is true. I know that the Gospel really does bless families. I've already seen innumerable examples of the pain that comes from a lack of God's truths put to practice. I love to be a missionary, to invite others to come unto Christ and be perfected in him, and to make their family a happy one.
Elder Decker


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