Friday, May 23, 2014

I think they call that diligence.

May 19, 2014

Last Monday was a great day. After trying hard to be obedient we really saw blessings. Following the spirit, we went to go see a lady we had met the week before, neither of us remembered that we had already referred her to the English sisters. After getting rejected by her ex-husband, we went to try again two referrals we had in the same apartments complex, neither one really turning out. As we went to leave a little girl asked us to donate to her school fundraiser for children with heart problems. I gave her the 16 cents I have in my pocket and we obediently asked her for a referral. She took us right up to her mom, whom I was afraid would be send us away and chastise her daughter. She did neither. She listened to us, expressed her admiration for the values several of her Mormon friends have, and her interest in a modern prophet. My testimony was strengthened that no matter where we might be taken by appointments, referrals, or even getting lost, there is someone nearby the Lord has prepared. I just need to stop giving up so soon, and the blessings will come. Almost the exact thing happened two more times that night, never was it the person we were originally looking for that we found, and we ended up finding 3 families in the 3 proselyting hours we have Mondays.

Unfortunately, our success didn't continue quite as well through the week. It turns out you've got to keep being obedient to get the same good results- I think they call that diligence.

My love for the Book of Mormon is really growing. I'm reading it everyday- in two different languages- and loving every moment of it. I am surprised how much there still is in there, after having read it my entire life. I know  it is inspired. I see now more than ever that it really is a witness of Jesus Christ. The whole book may not include Him there physically, nor do we today, it describes real people really seeing the consequences of obeying or disobeying God's laws. It displays perfectly God's love for each of us. I know it is true.

Embrace the chaos Mom, and say hi to Justin for me  

Elder Decker


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