Monday, April 28, 2014

It's not about checklists, it's about conversion

April 28, 2014

President Crawford told us that if we study PMG consistently, we'll leave our mission as 30 yr olds instead of 20 yr olds. It really is packed full of immediately applicable, time-tried, God-inspired, wisdom. It is kind of like the college text-book of a 2-year class. And we have quizzes every single day, all day. PMG with the scriptures with tell you "all things what ye should do." It's not about checklists, it's about conversion, the conversion of missionaries and investigators into disciples of Christ.

In Hno Cesar Velasquez' house. He bought us Church's chicken and always gives us coconut water.
The best pupuseria EVER. We went once a week. 
These are some of the best Mormons in the world. They fed me twice a week for 4 1/2 months. Hno Juarez is a temple worker. They were kind of like my Mexican grandparents while I was here. They live in a tiny, humble apartment near downtown. A time or two their chilies made me cry. 
We just found a guy from Argentina! We have an appointment with him this week, but I'm getting transferred tomorrow so I won't be around. He's a lot different from the Mexicans and Central Americans we usually talk to. He makes his own wine from the vines he grows outside his apartment, blesses his bath water before he uses it, and buys nothing but organic foods. He didn't have the buenas aires accent, but it he was really cool anyway.

Hermano Chavez' taco truck!
I'll be leaving Elder Downey here captaining the great Lockwood ship. I think we've collected a good group of people for him to teach so it should go well (we found 6 new investigators last week!). I actually feel like I was "trained" here. It was here I've really learned Spanish, learned how to teach, to study, get over disagreements, work with members, make appointments, drop investigators, find investigators, knock doors, and keep a smile on.  It feels like I've knocked every door, talked to every bum, and interrupted every fiesta. it's pretty weird just packing up and leaving it all here. I've been doing that for about a year now, leaving stuff behind. This is the experience God wanted for me, and I like it.

have a good week! and have fun keeping up with the craziness!

love Elder Decker

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