Tuesday, April 8, 2014

If it is a good thing- do it!


Elder Holland's talk really inspired, as usual. He made it clear that living and preaching the Gospel isn't meant to be easy. I know firsthand what he said about those thinking that God is a nothing but a comfortable God that doesn't expect much- that is the mentality we really fight here. Fortunately, I don't get spit on, ridiculed or hated. Nearly everyone we talk to compliments and encourages us. We get a whole lot of "Oh that's so great what you do, keep going! Just never come back here." The people honestly recognize that what we do is right, they just have other priorities or feel they are doing enough by reading their Bible or going to mass once a year. The harshest thing I've gotten is recent weeks was somebody who told me 1 all of my neighbors are drunks and won't listen to you (he was right) 2 we should only preach the Gospel by being a good example (not so bad of an idea). Our area is also heavily tracted by Los Testigos de Jehovah, Los Pentecosteses, Los Evangelistas, and a flock of Colombian Catholic nuns.

I love the poem that President Monson quoted (and not for the first time I believe), that said we'll never ever regret being just a little too nice. Any idea we have do to good should not be ignored. Moroni 7:14-16 tells us that everything that invites us to do good and persuades us to believe in Christ is sent by his power. Maybe you didn't really "have" to do that great service for you neighbor, but in reality you did. Maybe we wonder if it is really the spirit telling us to do something, maybe I wonder if it's really the spirit telling me to talk to a random person on the street about the restoration, but if it is a good thing- do it! We'll never go wrong. We can never do too much good. You and I have already covenanted to "mourn with those that mourn and comfort those who stand in need of comfort" (Mosiah 18:8-10), and we have the companionship of the Holy Ghost to inspire us and let us be the agents of God to do good to his children. Even I, whose every thought and action should be centered on my purpose to "invite others to come unto Christ" sometimes hesitate to say a kind word or do a good deed. It's not too easy to be like Christ, but once we've decided we want to be it gets a whole lot easier. It seems to me we can't even really say we've ever "gone the extra mile" as far as service goes, because we've covenanted to give all that we are and have to God. No matter how much we do, we are still unprofitable servants (Luke 17: 7-10), but how lucky are we to be serving with and for Christ in the first place! I'm really proud of you Mom. I'm even more grateful for a loving Heavenly Father that always delivers his promised blessings to those that live the way he asks (D&C 58:17), just like you saw.
Elder Decker

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