Monday, March 31, 2014

I love the scriptures.

The rain actually hasn't been too bad. We tried to get a Hermano to come with us to a lesson on Wednesday. His construction crew decided to work till one in the morning Thursday that night to prepare for the intense Thursday rain-that never came. So he got back up again at 5am and went to work. Then he came with us to a lesson that night. The rain really hasn't been too bad, one night we had some sweet lightning as we knocked doors.

I believe that a former president of the church once said something like "tell me what you think about all day, and I'll tell you what you are." Thoughts are really a powerful thing.

We were finally able to see the mother-who already had The Book of Mormon. brought RM/bilingue hermano Escobedo with us. She desperately wants God's help and answers, and is facing a lot of opposition and confusion. After reading 60 pages in the Book of Mormon she's decided to start over again. She had us explaining the brass plates, how many people survived the flood, how Constantine started his own church, how confession works in our church, and other crazy things. The highlight was when we watched The Restoration movie. I'm positive she's on the right track. She's a really special lady with a lot of faith in God and a lot of desire to do right. She has a lot of spiritual needs that aren't being met, that's why she's become so actively Catholic and reads so furiously. The restored Gospel of Jesus Christ is really what she is looking for. Her problem is she hasn't prayed specifically to know the truth-to know if The Book of Moron is true. She is afraid of questioning God. After two packed hours of explaining, questioning, and crying we finally got out of there. Though there were a lot of things I wish we'd done differently, we did our best to answer her questions, to be patient with her misunderstandings, and really invite her to act. We felt the spirit strongly and are confident she and her family will accept the Gospel. The bad part is, she's not letting us come back for two weeks.

Our recent convert is doing great. He is trying to go home teaching this week, he's reading a ton from the Book of Mormon, and he's coming to conference this weekend. All he really needs is to keep going. He was the easiest person to teach I've ever met. But then, he was already going to church every single week before he became an investigator.

My testimony of scripture study has really grown since being out here. Just a few verses do make a difference. There is power and help in the scriptures. It doesn't matter how much you think you know or how many times you've read them, it isn't really about the words at all. The scriptures invite the spirit. They are a gateway to revelation. They are a gift from a loving Heavenly Father who is anxiously waiting for us to just take all the answers, guidance, and direction he's already made available to us. Just the fact that we can understand letters on a printed page to mean something is a miracle itself. I love the scriptures.

I'm excited for all the great things God has planned for us this week in conference. I'm betting somebody will talk about Family Home Evening, just a little guess

Elder Decker

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