Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Four-colored pens are a marvelous way to stay organized.

This week we taught more lessons then I ever have in this area. Estoy contento, pero no satisfecho. 

Old man Raphael wants us to rake his yard again just to prove to his provider that we'll do it for him. His provider is getting evicted from her house, so he's been pretty helpless this week. We washed his dishes and swept his floor while he finally read the first page of the Book of Mormon (this moment has been coming for 4 months).

The weather is pretty unpredictable right now, but one thing is certain- it's always humid.

I couldn't actually say what a forsythia is, it may be down here. I do know the plants down here are a lot different. Here we can pluck oranges out of front yards, trim Raphael's palm tree, and try tiny flaming chile pecin right off the bush. It's a good place. 

Tell Dad good luck, and that four-colored pens are a marvelous way to stay organized.

This week we finally got in contact with the less-active familia. The hermana told us she used to really feel something at church, including at her baptism, but was pretty confidant she would never return. She expressed her doubt and confusion about the Bible, The Book of Mormon, her dislike of hypocrisy and gossip at church, and other very understandable and common concerns. She told us about her future plans and family. I tried to express to her, as well as I could, the great blessings that God wanted to offer her. She finally allowed us to set an appointment for this week. I hope to be able to help her live without confusion, doubt or regret. I know that re-accepting the Gospel of Jesus Christ will do more good for her and her family than anything else we could possibly offer her. I hope to share Elder Uchtdorf's talk from general conference: Come join with us. 

We found a fun family last night. Elder Downey and I biked through the windy Texan cold and knocked on the man's door for about 10 minutes until his neighbor called his phone for us. We werent' about to go all that way for nothing. To our great joy he finally let us in; we were met inside by two vicious and biting little chihuahuas and a super nice old white lady, who barely speaks Spanish, and just had a stroke: Miguel's American wife. We shared a message about the restoration, switching from Spanish to English as needed to suit the needs of both our hosts, and ended with a two prayers, one from each of them. We are actually pretty excited to go back and teach another quirky, but spirit-filled, lesson. The woman was especially enthusiastic about returning to a church this Sunday after a very long time. Now we just need to figure out which ward to send them too. 

que tengan a fantastic week

Elder Decker

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