Sunday, March 30, 2014

era pura calidad aquella cena

March 24, 2014


We went and knocked out in the rain again this week, expecting a miracle just like the last. Apparently that isn't what God had in mind. Elder Downey wants to ask the zone leaders to make our area bigger. I told him we would when we've knocked every house. That shouldn't take too long at the pace we're going. So we knocked a lot, and didn't quite find, but we still had a great moment. As we left a house (the 27-years in prison guy) we found someone (a less active, we think) and his friend next to our bikes. I asked him if he had prayed. Again he said no. BUT, he told me he was looking for a shirt to go to church in, that he had read the verses we gave him in Alma 36 about escaping from bonds, that he had even continued reading and really like "the book," and even suggested that we come two days sooner than our set appointment which he had remembered! Not only that, but his friend is a really great guy, and really interested. Elder Downey thinks he's the guy that had been tattooing friends when we went by one day, but I'm not sure. He does want to change his life around. We'll teaching both of them tomorrow.

We had stake Conference this weekend. It helped me understand a lot more about what the church is like here. There is a lot of translators and everything. We have 70 missionaries in this stake. That blew away a visiting Idahoan family we talked to. And Christina (old white lady the English elders teach now) came! I also got to see a lot of great people from Pasadena, and Julio from the English ward. Also there was an area seventy, and President and Sister Crawford. It was a great meeting that focused on Missionary and Temple work. I don't know how much you know about the Crawford's, but they are really great.

Other good stuff: we had another successful pupusa day. I can't remember the things I tell you about yikes. Every Wednesday a member's non-member mom's pupuseria has 1$ pupusas. This time we took some chili-lime Frank's redhot hotsauce in Elder Downey's backpack.
era pura calidad aquella cena.

Mom you should check out chapter 11 of Preach My Gospel: How do I Help People Make and Keep Commitments? PMG has changed everything I think about teaching. You can't take away people's agency, but teaching well and giving good commitments (like I know you do) makes it as easy as possible for someone to choose the right. And that's what the Gospel is all about in the end, making a choice.

pic: we ate really good last week. Bread (under the queso) with eggs and beans and fried plantains and some rolls. Super good central American stuff.

Elder Decker 

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