Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Be unafraid of failure

Last Friday we had zone conference, two zones got together and we heard from Elder Aidukatis of the seventy. He's a pretty funny guy. He encouraged us to expand our vision, to relish rejection, to look to baptize, and that the field really is white, already for the harvest. He told us we are afraid to encourage our investigators to be baptized progress because we only find two on average per week. "Why not find sixteen?!" he asked us, is his this Brazilian accent, "that way you'll still have fifteen more hahahaha." He is a goofy guy, and I loved it. I really just take things too seriously. He encouraged us to talk to more people, to be unafraid of failure.

The District (without the hermanas)
Elder Aidukatis' visit certainly had an immediate impact on Elder Downey and I. As we were dropped off by the zone leaders, they almost jokingly told us to go ask a woman why she was lying on the sidewalk. With increased motivation and desire to harvest this "white field" of ours, we contacted her and got a return appointment. She ended up being a crack addict, but whatever. Immediately after walking away from her, a neighbor of ours walked past. I found out he had visited like we had asked him to, and just began talking. We ended up sitting at a table that is outside our apartment and teaching the first lesson- prayers and all. He has a lot of potential. He described his frustration with so many christian churches he had visited, all of which asked him to "trust in God," but not one of which actually had any counsel on how he could improve his life. We assured him that is not the case in Christ's church. He was especially excited by the idea of a modern prophet, a living example. We had a great lesson, and he is excited to read the Book of Mormon, we even invited him to be baptized. All these great things we happening, and we couldn't even get a return appointment. Despite all the great things we offered him he says: "Islam is just really working out for me right now." I really feel we applied what Elder Aidukatis taught us: to be straight forward, bold, to accept rejection, and to really find those that will accept us.

We are a little frustrated that the vast majority of the interested people we find live outside of our area, if that's another part of our district, the north mission, or Dallas. We have faith that the field is white, and now have a lot less apprehension about dropping uninterested people and moving on. Elder Thomas and I filled 7 or so potential investigator sheets that we are now just digging through.

Yesterday we went to the Texas Houston Temple, it was fantastic! That's also why I didn't email yesterday. The Houston temple fits this area so well. It's small, but impressive.

Last night we were able to teach a man from Honduras. He's seen a lot of struggles, and even with a strong faith in Jesus Christ he wants more. We taught him about the Plan of Salvation, that there is work to do, sin to overcome, and a Savior to help us do it. It's a powerful message that I too often take for granted.


Elder Decker

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