Monday, February 10, 2014

An outrageous and unheard of phenomenon.


There's not a lot of olympic evidence in the mission field, aside from my Wheaties box. We are starting "The District Olympics" this week though, points being awarded to companionships with (among other things) new investigators, extended baptismal dates, and high-5's.

My new companion is named Elder Downey he's from a tiny Idaho town of 300. We tried to make fries during weekly planning on Thursday. What we got was a hot gooey mess that tasted really good with Frank's redhot hotsauce. Elder Downey and Elder Thomas actually just switched places. Elder Downey came from Cleveland Texas, where there's nothing but dirt roads, thick forests, and white people. He was so excited to see sidewalks and Mexicans that he insisted that we walk the first two days. I think Elder Downey and I will make a great companionship. I already notice how different our missionary experiences and styles are. Elder Downey does excellently with the area book, planning, teaching records, getting members, etc. He even cooks. He only has six weeks more in the mission, but he has had a very different mission then I have. We really balance each other out. 

Our new convert is doing great. He was ordained yesterday as a priest. He has changed his life so much, but realizes that many of the ward members still view him as a borracho. Gossip and judgment are two of Satan's most powerful tools against the church. The elders quorum president, said he could be his home teaching companion. That would be excellent. 

I love hearing all the good decisions my friends are making, I'm really proud of our little ward. 

Right now we are excited about a new investigator.We brought an RM member to our first lesson with her, and it went very well. . .We hope to be able to address her concerns and get her to church this week. She's the miracle lady that gave us cereal, we finally got the chance to teach her because she called us: an outrageous and unheard of phenomenon.

A mission is a lot like real life. Or as Elder Holland says "the closest thing to real life you're ever going to get!" Doing it your way just doesn't work. It's God's plan, you're God's child, and you'll only find success through obedience to him. That's something I'm beginning to learn. There are a lot of changes I need to make, I can really see that after this difficult week. Luckily the solution isn't too complicated. None of us were sent here to fail, but to succeed gloriously!

Last night, after a really trying week, Elder Downey and I were treated to as many pupusas as we could handle. A pupusa is basically a fat, stuffed, El Salvadorian tortilla. Stack cabbage and salsa on it and you've got a heavenly meal. We downed nine between the two of us, accidentally making the sweet hermana that had cooked them a little nauseous. Lesson learned.  

que tengan buena semana

Elder Decker

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