Monday, January 6, 2014

We know there's more but we ran out of traps

squinty me and a real big city

Well I hardly know where to begin, the whole world has just turned on its side: Trevor is a family man, Justin's a wine bibber, and Brenna's a felon. And since when does Tad clean stuff? And Kaden's going on a mission!

It's terrific!

The new year really started off with a bang: Not only were Latinos actually shooting off guns for three days straight, but we had 5 less actives and 2 investigators at church!

This week we hit more of a rhythm in our area. We are seeing a lot of the old names and investigators slip away, and being replaced by the new. We've said a few times this week "we're prospectors, wading in the river panning for those gold nuggets in the sand, just looking for those gold nuggets."

We had a really good experience last night. After we had done all we could to set up appointments with investigators, members, or just a contact, everything had fallen through. We were back in our area at about 8 o'clock after ward council and had no plans. We were led to the home of a less active member who lives just a block from our apartment. We couldn't get past a locked gate in front of his home, so instead we knocked on the door of his cousin. We had talked to him once before, when he was very drunk, but last night he let us into to his home where he and three of his friends became new investigators. Amos 8:11-12 really touched them, they have been feeling that same "hunger". We have been very blessed, God's hand really is in his work.
Help'n folks move
Our area "Lockwood" is really new, only in it's third transfer. There are very few members, fewer investigators, and really not even very many blocks to work in. But there is a lot of potential. A lot of "gold nuggets" to be found. The motto that Elder Thomas and I have kind of come up with is "making the Lockwood Ward." Long-term that's what we really want isn't it? There's a lot of work to do and progress to be made.
Missionary work is hard. It is exciting. And something I have to remind myself about sometimes: I actually works! People do become converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They do change their lives. They do give up addictions, improve their families, and make convenants with the Lord. It's the greatest thing in the world!

Elder Decker

PS: 5 dead mice. We know there's more but we ran out of traps. It's really funny, they seem to come out a lot less now that we've stopped leaving chunks of chocolate as bait all over the ground.

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