Monday, January 13, 2014

Optimal form of human existence


We saw a lot of contrast last week. Thursday we came out of weekly planning a little tired, ornery, and kind of a bad attitude, then for some reason God blessed us with an awesome day. The exact same thing happened after Zone mtg. Friday. We really didn't have fool-proof plans, but somehow every scheduled activity happened (that never happens) that day we were even able to teach two people that are getting baptized. It was exciting to see the hand of the Lord in our lives. We were really blessed.

Fun story: kid we thought was a total liar just became one of our most promising investigators. So far we've never set foot in his house, we think he might be lying about having a twin (of course after having pretended to be that twin), he doesn't want us to talk to his mom, he has really lame excuses, and told us a fishy sounding dream about being Mormon, and possibly pretended to cry in front of us. But he also has gone to church, completed reading assignments, prayed with us and accepted the invitation to be baptized. He really impressed us went he took 4 hours out of his day to get to church, so he really could just be an awesome investigator and we are just not realizing it. Veremos.

Our ward is working on a ward mission plan based out of PMG. Do y'all have a ward mission plan?

Our area is progressing more than it ever has in its 4 month existence. We have 2 investigators with dates and more to follow. The support of the members I have come to see is something absolutely vital. Finding is definitely a need we have. 

I feel that I am learning something new each and every day. I am continuously grateful for the Gospel and the peace, perspective, and clarity it offers. I am thoroughly convinced that the mission schedule and mission rules are the optimal form of human existence. I love it out here and am excited that I have so much more time left.

Elder Decker

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