Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A completely unexpected and delicious miracle


I remember the Mondays Trevor or Justin didn't email you. You would scour the internet, looking for any sign of a German or Hungarian holiday. Hopefully you didn't have to go far to realize that yesterday was Martin Luther King day.

It's unbelievable that away from my little corner of Houston Texas you so many other friends, family members, and school chums are doing the exact thing I do everyday to serve the Lord: finding, teaching, baptizing.

I know missionaries serving all over the world, but my area is right outside downtown Houston, loaded with Mexicans, cops, dogs, and open gutters. We have tons of fun biking all over the place, cooperating with drunk people, eating free cereal, and getting thousands of referrals for the English elders who cover here as well. But most of all we bring the greatest news these people have ever heard. That God listens. That God speaks.

 We saw a great miracle Sunday night. We had found a "golden" investigator four weeks earlier, but after letting us teach him once and coming to church twice he completely avoided us. We decided to do the only thing we had left: assume he was lying about working until 9pm and bring him cinnamon rolls. It worked. 

The miracle came when we went to leave his house. His neighbor came to us and gave us two boxes of Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds. A completely unexpected and delicious miracle. After we threw an old mattress of hers on a street-side garbage pile and talked about her family ayi in Mexico, she agreed to hear our message. She has a Utahn cousin who is a member, and literally said (in Spanish) "It is good to learn about lots of churches to know which one is true." She expect great things with her little family. We are teaching her this Sunday.

This week a lot of exciting things happened. One investigator, who we thought wasn't going anywhere, will soon be baptized into the English ward. He didn't seem to have a lot of potential, in fact one day we thought he was pretending to be his twin, but soon he came to church and is reading from the Book of Mormon. At one point we considered dropping him, and last week we passed him off as a progressing investigator to the English elders! There seems to be surprises like this all the time. It taught me that I should have more faith in our message, that it really can reach everybody and change anybody.

Things seem a little roller-coastery. One day I'll feel great and motivated, the next frustrated and discouraged. I am learning though and trying to improve.

love y'all

Elder Decker

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