Monday, December 2, 2013

There is more digging to do.

We saw a miracle this weekend. There is a part member family that the missionaries have been teaching for about three years. The 16 year old son, was finally baptized a year ago and is kind of a go-to-guy for member present lessons. His dad dropped into inactivity about 2 months ago. We've been over there a few times to talk to Michael and his dad. The mother and two sisters, who have heard a lot from the missionaries, always hide in the back. Literally hide.

We've been taking the [16 year old] to teach a neighbor of his. They're old buddies and the same age, so we thought it was a good idea. Last Friday his mom called us concerned. We've talked to her before, we knew she was a former investigator, a Testigo de Jehovah, and that she never liked to meet with us. She was worried that he was hanging out with his neighbor again and was going to pick up his old drug habits. We talked to her a bit, and asked if we could come talk to her. Elder Jones and I were exchanged into an English area, but Elder Smith went and saw him and his parents on Saturday. They talked about the reason for having a church, the family, and The Book of Mormon. Remarkably Sandra said she knows The Book of Mormon is true, and accepted the invitation to go to church the next day.

I've learned a big lesson. I lacked the faith that she would change, after having read through the area book about how much work had been put into that family. I remembered that she used to drive her son to Seminary every morning at 5:30. I remembered that she would send him out of the house to come teach with us. I think there really is potential there. It's another one of those Preach My Gospel "Icebergs" we just need to excavate. Yesterday [the 16 year old] and both his parents came to church together. It really was a special sight. We are excited to meet again with them this week.

In other good news, our recent convert is super excited to go to the temple on Saturday, because of new mission rules we're going too! Yesterday she got a recommend and we all went over to the Barajas home to do her Family History Work. Unfortunately there are too many Marias in Monterrey, so there is more digging to do.

We went on an exchange and did some English work. It surprises me every time how different it is. We spent almost four hours in an apartment complex talking to Black people, White People, and speaking some Spanish as well. I havent' seen so many cigarette butts in my life. It was a really good experience and I learned alot. It still surprises me how ready people are too just let a stranger into their home to talk about religion. We must be in the South.

Thanksgiving was pretty sweet. We spent a few hours with our ward mission leader Hno. Chavez. We ate carne asada burritos with pico de guio and tres leches cake to top it off. We even had a crazy game of uno. When we were all stuffed we shuffled off to dinner at the Quintanilla's. There we had classic Thanksgiving foodstuffs like turkey, stuffing, and orange manzanita sol soda. It was good. We told some jokes, played some lethargic volleyball, and that was thanksgiving.

We don't have Christmas plans yet, I will let you know. In fact, transfers are on the 17th so it's more than likely that I'll be in a new area. I doubt a trained missionary will just be left hanging around the zone leaders.

que tengan buena semana

Elder Decker


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