Monday, December 30, 2013

The Glue Traps work. We just caught #3.

The Glue Traps work. We just caught #3

We make it a point to only knock doors during The Hour of Power. The rest of the time we are talking to people outside, former investigators, family of members and investigators. 

We saw a "Milagrito" last night. We were trying to teach a lady, and her unteachable grown son couldn't let us say a word. We had tried to review Joseph Smith and the restoration, but this man wouldn't have any of it. He continually interrupted us, and told us repeatedly how well he already knew God, how Jesus lived in his heart, and a lot of other things. We finally cut him off and turned on the Restoration video. A minute into it he was fast asleep. We felt the spirit and committed Paula to baptism. His snoring was still really annoying, but I still feel like my prayers were answered. The Lord put him to sleep. He wasn't prepared to hear the Gospel and was preventing his mother from receiving it. He was still unconscious when we left.

I've seen more than ever the clarity, peace and perspective The Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ gives. We learned about intellectual captivity in conference, and I see it everyday. False ideas and attitudes are keeping people enslaved in addictions, poverty, and sin. When we live according to the pattern that God has given us we really are set free. My testimony grows more everyday of the divine origin of the Gospel and this Church.

Elder Decker

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