Monday, November 25, 2013

Missionary work is like yard work.

This week has been fun. We really saw a change in one less-active member of the ward. His enthusiasm for the Gospel has been reinvigorated. He even came out with us on a visit. 4 Days last week we split up to proselyte. Either with a member or with an AP. We really got some work done. But missionary work is like Yard work. No matter how beautiful your area is looking, neglect it for a short time and growth stops, and problems spring up.

We've been doing a lot of finding. With one man named Domingo, my companion really just let me do it all solo for the first time. 100% Spanish I attempted to ask him questions, understand his responses, and create interest in our message. It was hard. I saw little success. But I see I've come a long way, I'm doing the best I can, and I've just got to continue improving.

Last week during a meal with a member something special happened. While we were crunching down on some phenomenal flautas, the hermana's nephew came in and started talking with us. We had met him before, and knew he wasn't a member, so we asked some questions and moved our conversation to the topic of religion. When we brought up the restoration he said "I chose Jesus Christ to be my Lord a long time ago, if there's more out there it's a no-brainer. Of course I'm interested!"

We've taught twice now, and in his own words, he really just "wants to sink his teeth" into the Gospel. It is really exciting to meet somebody so very open to doctrine and scripture he hasn't seen before. He is incredibly prepared, living in the home of a member, and has been searching his whole life for this gospel. Now it's up to us to teach him, and invite him to change his life according to the Lord's restored gospel.
The weather changed overnight here. It really does get cold here. The number on the thermometer tells me it's time to wear shorts, my body tells me I'm in the Arctic Ocean. In rains in Texas. Really rains. Thursday during companionship study the lightning set off a car alarm.
 A couple days ago I was studying about the restoration, but instead of being in the Bible looking for "proof" (gotta love the Bible Belt) I  studied completely in The Book of Mormon. It was a testimony building experience as I realized the kindness and love God has for us as he removed confusion and contention through that amazing book. The Holy Ghost confirmed the truth of it to me as I read.

Thank you for living what you believe. Thank you for your love. Thank you for magnifying your callings.

Elder Decker

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