Monday, November 18, 2013

It's gone by like a plate of Floutas.

We are doing well. My new companion is getting over the flu, so we've been a little slow out of the gate.

 I am learning a lot. I am catching the vision of why finding is so important. I look at our schedule and see that the majority of the people we were teaching at the beginning of last transfer never progressed, and we are now seeing new people. It is vitally important to keep finding new people, and giving them a chance to accept the message.

I've found it is really hard to remember names. I want to know the ward, but I can't yet speak to them as well as I'd like, and then I go and forget their names!

Last week we taught a man we was genuinely and sincerely anxious to listen to us. He really wanted to understand. He even had a pad of paper out ready to take down what we taught. He had a great story about coming to Christ and the bible after a long drug addiction. All in all, he would make a fabulous member of the church. The problem was his attitude toward The Book of Mormon, the one thing that can prove to him the veracity of our message and he literally wouldn't even touch it.  He couldn't even consider reading that amazing book, that has done so good for me. We bore testimony, and were as inviting and helpful as we possibly could be, but he would not be budged. He just loved the Bible more than he loved God.

I noticed something interesting that night. No matter what he said about Joseph Smith or The Book of Mormon, it did absolutely nothing to me. Usually those conversations would leave me doubting and worrying, but all I felt for him was regret and disappointment.

Time has really flown. As far as I'm concerned, I finished a transfer at High School, a transfer in Provo, spent a transfer in Mexico, and now I'm going to spend at least two here in Pasadena Central. All of that in the last six months, and it's gone by like a plate of Floutas. I like floutas. They are probably like your eggrolls and taquitos mixed. They are the real Honduranian deal. There is usually queso or carne or something in them, but I swear one time it was papas.

Thank you for all you do for me. I'm am trying to make every sacrifice worth it.

If you could send English Scriptures as well that would be appreciated. And throw one of my hoodies in there, it can actually get cold in Texas (who knew?). Thanks so much.


Elder Decker

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