Monday, October 28, 2013

Tex-Mexico, the greatest country there is!

Last week we bought something like 90 snack packs for our zone p-day pudding eating competition. It was pretty sweet.

Last week we had good ol' new missionary training. I had almost forgotten that I was "new". I feel I've been here forever. In a good way. Because Elder Jones is a Zone leader, we ended up driving missionaries home for several hours. I relayed directions from the GPS, and put CD after broken MoTab CD into the Player, each without success. I'm sick of driving around. I got to bike last Saturday, which was an enjoyable experience. I wasn't expecting how strange it is to bike where it is so perfecting flat and level. My companions had left to have a meeting with the Area Council on hastening the work of Salvation. So they met President Rasband of the presidency of the Seventy and several other General authorities. Meanwhile I was at China River Buffet eating cream cheese Won-tons.

We've really done a lot of work in the last week, including preparing several people to be baptized.At the very start of the transfer, we prayed to know how many people we were to baptize before it was done. The answer was 5. Until this last week (week 4), we didn't have a single commitment. Miraculously, though not without difficulty, we have 5 baptisms scheduled for Nov. 10. Our zone has 18 total. That is a lot. Our mission has been struggling with people following through with baptism commitments, so we have a ton of work to do if every one of those people will be baptized.

We finally got to go to church again, and to a ward party. There really are some great members here . . .where I am: Tex-Mexico, the greatest country there is!

Meat, rice, and beans. That's just about every beloved eating appointment. Can never go wrong there. We're actually teaching a lady named Diana, she's one of three ladies, (Mom, daughter, daughter in-law), that we have dubbed "the three Amigas." We are teaching them tonight right before they head to Mexico for a month.

Have fun with all those leaves on the ground. I have yet to see a single one change color.

Elder Decker

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