Monday, October 7, 2013

It's powerful.

I'm glad to hear that you all went to conference. It is awesome that during conference we are exactly where we are supposed to be (if we are there and attentive) and then we hear exactly what God wants us to do. It's powerful.

Thanks for you great example Mom. While I'm here I receive lots of service, and try to give it right back out.

I'm sorry you expected a letter sooner, you should get a postcard I sent on Tuesday (probably the first of those flimsy, non-confidential thingies I have ever sent).

So. Last weekend (years ago), we said our good-byes, ate our last sleeves of chokies and packed us our stuffs. Monday morning we woke up at 2, went on a crazy bus ride through Mexico city, and we were off. We saw lots of people, smelled some strange things, and ended up flown all the way to Houston. The President picked us up (he's cool) and we drove into a glossy Houston neighborhood and arrived at the mission home. For some reason I was surprised that the mission home was literally a home. Anyway it was weird to be in America and I didn't want to touch anything, it was all so clean, and the food was different and good.

The next day (Tuesday for those of us who can't keep track), after sleeping in a 4 man apartment with 16 Elders, the AP not locking the trailer and tons of luggage flew out on the street and got stolen and we had to track him down, we got to transfers. #run on sentence.

My companionship was the first to be called. I actually have 2 comps. They are zone leaders. My trainer is Elder Jones like you saw. He was a wrestler at Pleasant Grove High School and graduated '12. My other companion is Elder Ericson, he is in his last transfer and knows our area, and Spanish , incredibly well. Both are incredible missionaries and I am privileged to serve with them.

Being in the field is new. We have already taught, contacted, drove, and conducted zone business a whole bunch. I still speak a whole lot more than I understand the language, which is frustrating. Since it's a trio, i have to make sure to assert myself and make sure I know what's happening and that I am contributing.

I don't know the Ward well yet, no church yesterday. We've been fed a lot, the members are awesome. People are great though, and there are tons of missionaries that all have my back.

I'll send you some pictures another Monday.

Oh yea, I'm in Pasadena Texas Mom.

Love Elder Decker

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