Monday, October 14, 2013

It was fun.

We've got a couple awesome investigators. One, whose enthusiasm had been waning, is doing awesome. She found the lessons interesting, but not life-changing, until she was taught the Word of Wisdom. She committed to keep it, and has been reaping the benefits ever since. She's come to church 3 times including conference, and is just doing great. She doesn't have a baptismal date (despite the best efforts of my companion), but she is definitely preparing and is further along than any other investigators. Right now she's working on getting saint statues and such out of the house after we taught her the ten commandments.

We had a little miracle the other day. We were looking for a less active member, and Elder Jones asked a girl for directions. He started talking to her and found out she actually had quite a lot of interest in hearing out message. It turns out she had been taught by missionaries a year and a half ago before she moved, that her real father is a member, and that all her family back in Mexico are members. Saturday, the day after we met her, she committed to baptism. She's got a ways to go, but she's got more enthusiasm then our whole zone put together.

This week has been fun. My companions dropped me off with a 16 yr old member by ourselves to knock doors for hour of power. For those of you who don't know, this is the hour between 6 and 7 on Thursday when the entire mission goes out to knocks doors and see miracles. Let me rephrase that the Elder Jones' way. Quote: "We're going to knock one door and find a family and teach that family and it'll be great."

Well Michael and I went off by ourselves, which was terrifying, but he knows Spanish and I know English so it's gonna be great. So I had to really muster up my courage and talk to people and do something I hadn't ever done before with a kid that's been a member for under a year. It was cool. Right at the end of the hour we met two guys that seemed really genuinely interested. I was shocked. I couldn't talk to them very well, but I had our number on the back of a pamphlet and gave it to him. He called it on the spot and talked to my companion "Quiro escuchar una mensaje sobre Jesucristo!" It was a good experience that taught me really how many people there are who will hear me, I just need the courage to reach them.

Church was an adventure. I said some pretty stupid stuff, had no clue what people were telling me, and had to ask members I had already met for their names, but it's all good.

 My address: 1000 e. curtis #802  Pasadena, Texas 77056

My apartment is pretty small for three guys, its got carpet (a dream after Mexico), a dishwasher (which I don't use because hand washing is easier), one of my companions sleeps on the floor. on a mattress. which is still wrapped in cellophane because he doesn't want stuff to crawl into it. It's pretty much the dream Missionary apartment, with churchie pictures and quotes in every crevice and crack. There are "how to begin teaching points" in the shower.

Oh yea and there was a ridiculous storm on the day Elder Jones and I went on exchanges (on bikes). Honestly it doesn't even rain in Utah. It was crazier than Mexico City. I couldn't have gotten wetter in a shorter amount of time if I had jumped in a lake. It was fun.

hasta luego

Elder Decker
Funny thing: Elder Ericson likes to wear his suit sometimes, while Elder Jones and I go with the classic short sleeved shirts. He is a lot taller than us, and so we joke that Elder Jones and I are his little minions following him around.
It's funnier than it sounds.

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