Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I'm not worried, God always provides

BYU beat undefeated Houston 47-46
Hour of power this week wasn't quite as powerful, (especially with return appointments arranged for during the Texans game) but I had a good experience. I genuinely felt confidant and comfortable with knocking on doors for the first time of my mission. BYU/Houston was cool, a bunch of RM's came back here for it. You know, the legends and heroes of transfers gone by. The president announced Mission-wide that none of us were to view the game. Duh. Unfortunately, that loss, in combination with that of the ill-fated Houston Texans, hasn't improved the disposition of the average Pasadener. Good thing we're bringing them the Gospel.

I went on an English exchange last week, and taught in English. It was pretty different. We went to the house of this one girl, not much older than me, and tried to teach us a lesson. She said she couldn't at that moment because of her dad, her dogs, and a whole bunch of other things. She also told us that five people from her family had died recently, including her mom, how everything was going wrong, and how depressed and stressed she was. We couldn't teach her a lesson, but I still wanted to do something. I asked her "do you like to read?" she responded (in English remember, so I can actually understand) "Well when I'm here all alone.... There isn't a lot more I can spend my time doing is there." I gave we gave her a Book of Mormon right there on the spot, I bore my testimony about it, and the power that is in it. My companion shared Mosiah 24: 14-15, and then we offered a prayer. I asked her if she would read from it and she said "I think I'd better." I feel that we really made a difference to her that day,

This week really was great, it's becoming more real. Things get hard.

The people are real, they mostly have no knowledge at all about the church, out here they all love Jesus, and each day you get to try again. We had a real miracle the other day, followed by a lot of bad luck. We were led to this 13 year old girl who absolutly loves hearing from the missionaries. It turns out that she was taught a year and a half ago, but then the missionaries lost her after she moved. She's golden.The day after we met, she committed to be baptized. That was 9 days ago, and we haven't been able to see her since. Her family wouldn't answer calls for four days. Well, it turns out that The power went out at their apartment complex and they were away for 4 days. She also had a panic attack and was in the hospital and needs a surgery. Right now they are having family issues so she is staying at her grandma's house. Her Jehovah's witness grandma who wants her to go to "Kingom Hall". Mix all that with the fact that she is a child, and a girl, and so we always need parental consent and a man with us to teach her, and we have a pretty hard time meeting with her. Oh yea and she is often in detention.

Basically there is a big potential for this girl to be baptized, but just about everything possible is getting thrown in the way of that. But I'm not worried, God always provides.

Anyway love all y'alls

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