Sunday, September 29, 2013

It was kind of a wake-up call

We wrapped up our last language lesson yesterday, and realized how much of what we learned in the last month just didn't stick. We teach a lot in Spanish, but I still have a hard time communicating in any other context. I leave here Sunday night, then I'll be back in the States. I'm glad to hear you guys figured out how to get me a bike, and that I hadn't taken the information with me! (that would've just been way too typical)

Elder Parkes already has great Spanish thanks to his very wise pre-mission studies. It is super cool to see him here.

The film at the temple is the of the more retro sort. But who cares. An interesting tidbit to me was when nuestro maestro asked us what the new film was like. I realized that he (and saints all over the world) had been going to the temple for years, while I went for a solid month before getting an updated version. It was kind of a wakeup call.

A very flooded night.
And a very smoggy day.
I attended the temple for the last time today, and as new insight I think I'm beginning to understand how important it is for people to receive the gospel, scriptures, and ordinances in their our tongue. I am very grateful that the people here don't have to struggle through an all- english church, because I kind of know how it would feel.
I realized today that one of the sweetest parts of Texas will be the air. I am sorry that so many people have to spend their lives in this perpetually present smog. The rain is ridiculously cool though.

Ultimo Dia a El Casa Del Señor
I see the pleasant grove weather all the time from my windows 7 widgit. It seems pleasant. It's actually pretty similar to here right now, but with a fraction of the rainfall. Unfortunately, Houston is continuously in the 90's. I'm glad that God knew where I was really needed, because I wouldn't have picked anywhere stateside and  blisteringly hot.

Straight up fake twinkies.
I'm excited for general conference, and hope all of you are preparing for it. I don't want to be the missionary to tells people we have true and living prophets, but then can't remember a thing they have said. If there were any time in my life that I really needed the word of the Lord for our day, it would be now. It feels awesome that those other Elders (Uchtdorf, Bednar, Holland...) have the exact same purpose and work as we do right here.


Elder Decker

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