Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Basically a missionary fetus

September 12, 2014

That storm [in Utah] sounds awesome. We have been getting ridiculous amounts of rain here as well. A week ago a very strong and very brief storm hit. It was sprinkling, at around 5 pm, like it does every day. From one direction we heard an enormous amount of rain falling. Out the window we could see its approach, a dark curtain of solid water. As it pounded over us we had to almost shout to hear each other, but in just 5 minutes or so it was gone, and the CCM was soaked. 

It's just classic that after 18 years of waiting, the tornado hit just as soon as I left the country.

It kind of reminds me of when I was 5 years old, Joel Drake told Justin and I that a hot air balloon had landed in our backyard, and given him a ride, while we were on vacation.

Pretty exciting stuff for The good ol' B Y of U

I went to the Mexico City Temple for the second time today. I've discovered that the best way to deal with the bus sickness and heat is to just sleep through it. I understood quite a bit more this time around, both spiritually and linguistically. I do feel blessed by the gift of tongues. I recall some words almost effortlessly after hearing them once, and can carry on a missionary discussion well over our allotted 25 minutes. One thing I am struggling with is understanding. The Spanish of mi comapñero or the rest of my district is easy to understand, but mis maestros, Latino roommates, CCM trabajores, or miembros at El Templo are impossible. I am always grateful that I am not in Provo surrounded by white people and white Spanish.

I appreciate what you said about the atonement. It really is for everyone, can conquer anything, and can give us everything. I am trying to tap into that power, the grace of Jesus Christ, that can heal, inspire, and enable us to do all that has been asked of us.

You are right, even though all us missionaries are out here to do the same thing, we often don't agree on how to get that done. As for your statement that the mission is like real life, Elder Holland told us this (well really told the Provo MTC back in February of 2012) "This is real life. This is the closest thing to real life you are ever going to get!""- which means right now I'm basically a missionary fetus.

I recall thinking before I left "I should try to learn some Spanish before I go to MEXICO.

"nah, it'll be easy there"

The lies we tell ourselves.

I really do regret not trying to do something. (besides spending half an hour on youtube struggling to learn the alphabet). Luckily I know that Spanish is possible. Honestly, millions and millions of people speak it every day across the entire planet. It actually works; I'm pretty sure I can do it too.
hasta luego

Elder Decker

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