Thursday, September 5, 2013

A little Mormón bubble

I am extremely impressed by the Méxicanos here. They are so kind, so genuine, and so close to the spirit. Their humility inspires me.

Even though I am not in true México (just a little Mormón bubble inside of it), I feel like I am developing a new perspective on life, the gospel, and even on my nationality and patriotism.

My Spanish really progressed this week. To me it is kind of a game, a challenge, a secret code that mis amigos and I speak, and a new society that I can tap into, it also gives me the privilege of talking to the natives. It is also my sacred responsibility to preach to those to whom I have been called in their own language.

 For it shall come to pass in that day, that every man shall ahear the fulness of the gospel in his own tongue, and in his own blanguage, through those who are cordained unto this dpower, by the administration of the eComforter, shed forth upon them for the frevelation of Jesus Christ.

On Tuesday mi compañero y yo were teaching a lesson, and for the first time since being here I could really say what I wanted to. It felt awesome and excited, but Élder Dye later complained that I had frequently interrupted him, and hadn't given him a chance to speak! I am the same missionary who dos semanas before, in our first lesson, had been able to say only:"Yo se que la Iglesia es verdadera" (with the occasional "si" and a virtually continuous nodding of the head), while my much more experienced companion said the rest.

I have come a long-ish way.

I really need to work on being a team though.

Yesterday was the first time I really just didn't want to eat the food. Tacos everyday was good for awhile, but I think it is starting to affect me.

It rains a ton here. Pretty much every noche at around 5 or 6 it starts pouring, with some pretty hefty lightning as well. Last Saturday, they didn't feed us dinner (which was an unexpected surprise to me) because of fast Sunday. Instead of having dinner, I determined that I would build a paper ship, and sail it across the CCM on the great rushing rivers that soon develop in a storm. Alas, my Curious George days are much too long ago. No amount of folding, tucking, ripping, or pleading with several sheets of paper could render me a sturdy vessel of any kind. I am not nearly as skilled as Nephi, in preaching or ship building. But I did make a cool beetle.

hasta luego

Elder Decker

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